Help Alex Crush Cancer!

Hey Friends! I’m asking you for help today.

My friend Alex Wildman (yep, that’s his real last name) is fighting cancer and he is going to CRUSH IT, but he needs your support!!  That’s Alex below, on the right, in the green t-shirt, being visited in the hospital by renowned climber, Conrad Anker.


Alex is 33 years old, a Dad to a beautiful little girl, a rock climber, a nurse, Vice Chair of the American Alpine Club – Philly Chapter and all around genuine friend and bright, happy, adventurous spirit.


Alex is undergoing treatment at Penn and I’m working with Alex to help transition him to a plant based diet.  He’s eating lots of organic veggies and making smoothies and juicing!


Alex is getting a Vitamix so that he can make the plant based lifestyle a bit easier and it will make creating soups, smoothies, etc a breeze.    We all know that organic costs more, and when you are fighting cancer, you need every tool in the tool box.  You need every firetruck to show up at this house and put the fire out.  You need all hands on deck.

Cancer makes me beyond angry.  No one should have to go through this.  No one should ever wake up with stomach pain in the middle of the night and then find out they have Stage 3 diffuse large B cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. WTF?!  Alex was climbing mountains just a few weeks prior to his diagnosis.  Alex could be any of us.  Even when he’s going through the hardest of days, he still continues to smile.

I know the power that raw food has on disease and illness, I know the power of a plant based diet in prevention and reversal of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.  I’ve seen it first hand when I helped my Mom switch to a plant based diet after her breast cancer diagnosis and she is still cancer free, so many years later.  I’ve read the science and the medical journals.   I am so thrilled that Alex is stoked on veggies and combined with his treatment, he is going to kick cancer’s ass!

So this is where you come in.  Alex and I went to the grocery store to load him up on veggies for a few days of juicing and snacking and meals, and the bill was $80.   Alex has a long road ahead of him.  I don’t want funds to get in the way of his ability to be all hands on deck and take care of his body the best way he can. So if you can give, please do.  Give anything at all.  Five dollars makes a difference.  It all adds up.

You can donate on Alex’s Gofundme page:


You can also read about his experiences, as he is sharing his story on his blog:

Thank you.


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