2016 RIS Holiday Wellness Challenge Winners

The tribe of amazing people in the Raw Is Sexy Private Members Community enjoy a wide variety of benefits, activities and challenges to keep them on track and motivated year round.  This past November, they participated in the Raw Is Sexy Holiday Wellness Challenge.


They posted daily in our private group, completed workouts, shared healthy plant based recipes and stayed on track through the entire holiday season (with the exception of the holiday itself of course, in which we all love to indulge a bit).

They dropped inches and pounds, got fitter and more confident and I couldn’t be more proud of our Community and these Raw Is Sexy ladies!!


Allie dropped 11 pounds and lost inches off of her waist, hips, arms and thighs! Olivia dropped multiple inches off her arms and hips, her abs are now showing through and she gained 3 lbs of MUSCLE. This is why taking measurements is critical! You can drop clothing size after clothing size, but because you’re building muscle, your weight might go up or stay the same. The scale never gives the full picture. It won’t tell you how much of your body weight is muscle. Always take measurements.  Always, always, always.

So so proud of you ladies!!

I hope that their accomplishments inspire YOU to commit to your health and wellness now and for LIFE! You CAN change your life. You can change your health. You can change your body. You just have to work for it, know you’re WORTH it, commit to the new healthy behaviors and STICK TO IT. I’m here to help you do it!

Do you have any health and wellness goals for 2017?

Write them down.  People who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them than those who don’t.  Write them down and put them where you can see them each day.

What do you want to be true one month from now?

What do you want to be true three months from now?

Picture that very best version of yourself.  Throw away your doubts and fears.  Hold that very best version of you in your mind.  Believe it.  It’s real.  She’s you.  He’s you.  You can achieve it.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead and much more Raw Is Sexy coming your way!



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