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Raw Raspberry Sorbet

  Ingredients: 2 medium frozen ripe bananas 1 cup of frozen berries of your choice 2 medjool dates Splash of rice milk or coconut milk Blend in the food processor And voila!  You have a homemade healthy delicious sorbet!

Nicecream Sundae

When you eat a plant based diet, you can enjoy ice cream for lunch! This couldn’t be easier. Bottom layer:  frozen ripe bananas Top layer=frozen blueberries Put in the food processor and blend! That’s it!  You can add a tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter to the food processor when you are blending the frozen bananas if you want to change up the taste!  Add raw cacao powder to the frozen bananas for some chocolate nicecream.  

Smoothie Pops

Nothing like a healthy treat to cool off on a hot day! Make your own Popsicles from your favorite smoothies!   I poured a raspberry/strawberry smoothie into the Popsicle mold about half way, then set it in the freezer for about 35-45 minutes so it has time to freeze and set. Then make an orange banana smoothie and poured that into the Popsicle mold to fill it the rest of the way. Pop it back into the freezer for a few hours and you have yourself, colorful, healthy, delicious Popsicles that are perfect for a warm summer day!  

Vibrant Kale Salad

  Get in your greens with a beautiful kale salad.  Chop and toss these ingredients together: kale tomatoes green onion cucumber peppers Drizzle with a balsamic mixed with a high quality mustard for some tang!! We mixed up some guacamole and had carrots for dipping as well.  Check the recipe tab for my delicious guacamole recipe!

Alex’s Cancer Update

Hey Friends! If you love amazing news, and we all love amazing news, here’s a status update from my friend Alex who is slaying cancer.  You can read my previous post here about his story and his switch to a high plant based diet.   From Alex: “Great news! Test results (PET scan) came back showing….Complete metabolic response… Or NO CANCER FOUND IN MY BODY!!! Currently getting my third chemo treatment and I have three more to go, but this cancer is getting slayed!! Thank you to everyone for all of your well wishes, kind words, good vibes and prayers! My fight is not

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Banana Peanut Butter Bites

Alright serious question… Who is this Moderation person I’m supposed to have peanut butter with?   This is by far one of my most favorite snacks!  You can slice the banana and top with your favorite nut butter to make little bite sized banana peanut butter sandwiches and you can pop these into the freezer for a delicious snack at any time.  It tastes like banana peanut butter ice cream when it’s frozen! Coat in a high quality dark chocolate to really slide right into heaven.  Who said plant based isn’t decadent and delicious?! xoxo Lauren

Help Alex Crush Cancer!

Hey Friends! I’m asking you for help today. My friend Alex Wildman (yep, that’s his real last name) is fighting cancer and he is going to CRUSH IT, but he needs your support!!  That’s Alex below, on the right, in the green t-shirt, being visited in the hospital by renowned climber, Conrad Anker. Alex is 33 years old, a Dad to a beautiful little girl, a rock climber, a nurse, Vice Chair of the American Alpine Club – Philly Chapter and all around genuine friend and bright, happy, adventurous spirit. Alex is undergoing treatment at Penn and I’m working with Alex

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Plant Based Breakfasts

Eating plant based is so easy!  I know it can seem difficult and daunting at first, but think of all the things that GROW! There are so many fruits and vegetables and grains and nuts and seeds.  You’ll find that when you make the decision to eat plant based, that a whole new world of options will reveal itself to you. Before I made the switch back in 2008, I used to eat bowls of cereal every morning for breakfast.  Bowls of cereal or cream of wheat.  That was one of my favorites (especially with giant spoonfuls of sugar added

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