“I started working with Lauren at the beginning of October, 2016. I was overweight at 200lbs, but even more importantly I was not happy. I spoke to Lauren and for the first time I felt like I was being heard. Here was someone who wasn’t talking down to me because of what I was eating, but instead was talking WITH me about my goals and how best to accomplish them. She listens, offers advice, guidance, and makes suggestions of things to try to help you.


Aside from Lauren’s amazing one-on-one guidance, the Raw Is Sexy community has been a wonderful touchstone throughout this journey. Whether it is the community fit challenges, or just posting and chatting about daily struggles or accomplishments, this group provides a safe space to talk to people going through the same process as you. As of January 2016, I am down 20lbs and feeling amazing! I have cut animal products out of my diet completely, and have been eating a plant-based vegan diet. The thing that has amazed me most of all is how full and satisfied I feel. If anything, I am eating more now that I was before. I have more energy and my anxiety has been way down. I am excited to continue on this path, and to continue to reach my health and fitness goals.”

Allie P., Graphic Designer, Philadelphia, PA

“As a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, I am very aware of the fact that your body can only function if it is well taken care of. I see a lot of my patients go downhill because of their unwillingness to give their body what it needs. This past summer, I came to Lauren with a goal. I had a decent diet, but still didn’t feel “healthy.” I was easily fatigued and overwhelmed. I wanted to start exercising. I hadn’t worked out regularly in almost ten years.  I went out for a run. A sorry, awful run. I “ran” one mile on August 4, 2012. I fast-walked with little bursts of running in between. I was out of breath and my heart was pounding. I was out of shape. I felt awful. But I wasn’t giving up this time. I talked to Lauren almost everyday and adjusted my diet. Lauren was amazing. She was always available, supportive, and answered the most ridiculous text-message-questions. I was drinking Sunwarrior smoothies every morning and green juice every evening. Within a week, I felt great. On August 20, just 16 days after beginning running, I ran my first 5k without walking. On August 31, I ran a complete five miles. FIVE MILES!  I HAVE NEVER SEEN FIVE MILES IN MY LIFE! Finally, on October 13, I finished the Baltimore half marathon-just 2 months after my first run, and met my two goals: I finished and I never walked. What’s even better is that I felt great afterward with no injuries! I even clocked a decent chip time of 2:48:21! Your body can change and you can accomplish amazing things, IF you give your body the fuel it needs. My next goal: The full marathon next year!”

Jennifer Milesky, Clinical Faculty at Johns Hopkins University and Registered Nurse, Baltimore, MD

testimonials_lydia “In the past 6 weeks I have lost a total of 5 ¼ inches! The most from my thighs, together a total of 3″. I feel stronger and look forward to my workouts.  I am glad I decided to join your groups Lauren, it has helped me do be more committed with exercising and looking forward to it daily!! I still have a ways to go with my outer thighs, butt and triceps… But the tone and strength is noticed. And I have greater energy. Thanks!”

Lydia Susan, Registered Nurse, Newtown PA

  “I’ve struggled with my weight and body image for a good part of my life. I gained more than the freshman 15 in college and being a 4’10” girl, the weight was not flattering. I tried every single short cut to lose the weight, nothing ever worked and it always came back. I finally made the conscious decision to lose the weight the right way and although I was making progress I still had that little voice in the back of my head telling me to take the easy way. After meeting Lauren and hearing she went through a similar battle, I felt like I wasn’t alone. It’s mental battle that I feel a lot of people (men and women) have but never talk about and I admire her courage to be so open and honest. She has taught me more than I would have ever been able to learn from a magazine or on the internet. I am now more conscious of what I am putting into my body and the word “diet” hasn’t been a part of my vocabulary in years. I am the strongest and happiest I have ever been and I have Lauren to thank.”

Tory Cordero, Malvern, PA

“You are sooo inspiring!  Seriously – I owe you so much! I used to be an obese- completely immobile, unhappy mess- who ate junk food to make smiles happen— thanks to you- I finally see the next step in my journey happening and I owe you my life, sincerely, I’d be so stuck without you!!!! You’re a true advocate of the phrase: MAKE YOURSELF!!!”

Melonie Kaczynski, Media PA

Phil “I’ve known Lauren for many, many years.  She has been a monumental inspiration for feeling good and happy about myself.  It’s not just about food, it’s about combining all the elements of life into the perfect formula.   I think she might have some special space goggles or a magic ball, so I can’t give her all the credit – BUT Lauren with her space goggles and magic ball are the perfect combo for anyone.”

Phil Lewis, San Diego, CA


“Working in the wellness industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the newest trends- both in fitness and diet. Raw Is Sexy is different- Lauren’s approach to healthy eating is practical, sustainable, and well-balanced. She makes raw food approachable, fun, and delicious!”

Merrin Muxlow, Yoga Instructor, San Diego, CA


“Lauren has been a constant resource on how to eat and be healthy.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lauren went into warp mode, rid my kitchen of anything processed and taught me about “green juice”.  I could not tolerate the medication I was prescribed following my surgery and radiation so Lauren educated me on how to change my diet to reduce my estrogen level without medication.  She is still teaching me every day – I do not know what I would do without her guidance.”

Sandra Connelly DeYenno, West Chester, PA

“Lauren’s enthusiasm for helping others realize their greatest (and healthiest) potential never ceases to amaze me. She continues to research not only what works for her life in trying figure out what a healthy balance means but in what it means for the individual. She understands that people’s needs differ and that each person’s healthy balance will be different depending on their lifestyle and circumstances. Plus, she is a living example! There is no advice or instruction that she gives, that she isn’t practicing herself. What a refreshing thought! If a question stumps her, she will get out there and find an answer. She makes you believe that mountains most definitely be moved.”

Jodi L. Harris, Hartford, Connecticut

“Lauren has such enthusiasm and a heart for helping others lead healthier lives through raw foods that you just don’t see every day. Her courage, selflessness and knowledge make her someone that I would highly recommend working with.”

Marlena Torres, Clinical Nutritionist, Lancaster, PA  

“Lauren is a master of her craft. Her years of experience with diet, nutrition, fitness, and wellness have paid off to provide a much-needed service to a desperately under-served marketplace. Raw is Sexy isn’t only smart nutrition and healthy eating, it’s a spiritually guided lifestyle on the path toward enlightenment. Lauren brings her humanity, humility, patience, ambition, expertise, and friendliness to her baby and brainchild to provide her clients with the tools to be the best people they can be.  At OneHealth, I recommended Lauren as an expert in nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, and eating disorders because I know this is a passionate mission for her. This is a life calling. She wants her loved ones, her friends, and Americans in general to live healthier lives.  As this country stares blankly into the dark face of a chronic diseases epidemic, Lauren and Raw is Sexy provide a guiding light of hope that we, individually and collectively, can rise above our fears of succumbing to unhealthy habits, live in a higher consciousness, and thrive to reach our full potential as human beings.”

Sean Miller, Content Manager at OneHealth, CA

“I was very anti “healthy” foods.  I thought that as long as I was working out, it didn’t matter what I ate.  Man was I wrong.  I could never see my abs, I was tired a lot and I was getting sick routinely.   Once Lauren introduced me to this world of GREEN it changed everything.  I work out harder now because I have more energy.  I haven’t been sick once since I started eating raw.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I live with two guys, both of which have had the flu, strep, and colds while I’ve been living with them and somehow I just don’t get sick anymore.  Learning how to make healthy meals that fill me up (and I’m 6’6″, so that’s a lot to fill) has really changed my life and how I view food in general.  It’s not just food…we’re putting fuel into our bodies and that becomes part of us.  Why would you want to put something toxic into your body?  We’re only on this planet for so long…  who wants to spend what little time we have being sick and tired all the time?  I went from baconators to spinach and I haven’t looked back.”

Christian DeYenno, Malvern, PA

Lauren’s guidance is extremely refreshing, especially since there are so many “diets” out there today with not much knowledge behind them.  She understands that everyone is different and we all live different lifestyles.  I love that she caters to each individual’s need and provides realistic guidance that can be easily followed and made enjoyable.  She has helped me realize that I should be fueling my body with the best possible nutrients and not with “whatever is easiest.”  The best part is that with her guidance I have found that healthy, whole nutrients can be made easy and are much more rewarding in the end.  Thank you, Lauren!”

Krystle Ervin, Seattle, WA

“Lauren is always there when I need her – whether it’s food info, nutritional insights or delicious recipes – she’s always got a great idea or answer to help me on my journey. Her wisdom and experience have definitely impacted my health and fitness in a very positive way!”

Allison Jacobson, Anahola, Hawaii


“Lauren really knows her stuff!  I remember sitting down with Lauren last summer when we hit the Jersey shore for a long weekend.  I actually was very confused to what being raw was until she filled me and showed me herself what she did daily.  All that confusion cleared and I went back to LA with all this new knowledge of being healthy and eating clean.  She knew what she was talking about and made it very simple for me to understand.  Now, I am not a raw vegan or even a vegan, but when I asked her how I could mix raw in with my diet, she gave me very simple tips and recipes that I could use in my everyday life.  Because of her, I eat a lot more raw fruits and veggies instead of all that processed stuff.  She inspires me to take care of my body and share that knowledge with all the ones I love.  Thanks Lauren!”

Abra Samuels, Los Angeles, CA