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Welcome, Gorgeous!

If everyone “knows” what they should be doing to get healthy, then why is it so hard to do it?     
Discover how to quit the yo-yo diet cycle and sustain the results you want, for life. 
I did it and so can you. I’m Lauren DeYenno and I’m taking you on a transformative journey to vibrant living. You’ll learn easy to implement, sustainable, new habits so that you can change your life and reach your goals.

About Me:

Certified Plant Based Nutritionist 
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist
NASM Certified Nutrition Fitness Specialist
Beachbody Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach
Nerd Fitness Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach
Food As Medicine Philadelphia Conference Speaker 
Sober and Fully Recovered from Disordered Eating
I’ve sustained my own 30 lb weight loss for over a decade.
I’m passionate about helping others transform and become the absolute best version of themselves and strive to be a Coach who is approachable, judgment-free, and understanding. With a background in plant-based nutrition, I’m an ace for vegans or vegetarians, but my open approach and nutrition education allows me to successfully serve clients no matter their dietary preferences.
 With each client, I explores various fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals that suit your lifestyle and help craft a plan to incrementally adjust your behavior. Whether your goals are weight loss, strength, disease prevention, a healthy lifestyle, confidence in your body – I understand that the journey of getting healthy is one with ups and downs – and that’s normal! I’ll help you discover methods that are sustainable, and share my own tips and tricks along the way.

There is zero judgment here. Only the desire to see you become the very best version of you. Your health is too important to let one more day pass you by. It’s time to live vibrantly!

It would be an honor to coach you on your journey!

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The most FUN, Life changing, INTERACTIVE online WELLNESS coaching experience in the galaxy…

It’s like having me right in your kitchen! I’ll teach you everything I know to nourish and heal your body. Ditch the diet and learn healthy habits you can sustain for life. Change your life from the inside out. From food,  fitness, mindset, healthy habits, meal prep, self care…I’ve got you covered.  Plus, you’ll make new friends and be in good company with our amazing supportive community!

In Lauren, I have found a way to eat healthy meals and to not be hungry. I have found acceptance and understanding with myself and my expectations. I have found a way to eat healthy and not feel deprived. I have improved my mood, my energy, my motivation, and my health. In the last couple of months all of those ailments I was experiencing have pretty much disappeared.  

I have every intention of continuing on this whole foods plant based lifestyle and for the first time in my life I feel armed with the tools I need to succeed and the confidence to feel that I CAN make this work long term! 

I can’t thank her enough for giving me that important “something” that I have always been missing. I look forward to a long journey with her and this group and I am incredibly thankful to feel in control of my life again! 

– Dianne K., Midland, MI

Lauren, and the Raw is Sexy community, has been a pivotal resource for me in my health journey. I have been challenged with environmental and food allergies, when I received my compiled list of food allergies, I felt at a loss for how to eat without being sick and had no idea what to do. I reached out to Lauren hoping she could give me some guidance and I was blown away by her vision of what was possible for me. She helped me through transitioning to a plant based vegan lifestyle to avoid my allergy triggers and still enjoy foods. She has also helped me mentally and physically through the online workouts.

I’ve lost 20 lbs in 8 months but that’s nothing compared to what I’ve gained in knowledge and confidence to continue living and thriving with a healthy living lifestyle keeping a vegan plant based diet and exercising regularly to keep my mind and body the best it can be. This is all thanks to Lauren’s continued guidance and encouragement.  

-Sarah Z., Branford, CT

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just the food that you eat – it’s about total self care.  

Being active, getting enough sleep, minimizing stress, spending time with loved ones and having a sense of community…these are the things that contribute to living a healthy and happy life.

 Want to join a community of like-minded people on a similar journey?  Say yes to you!